Past Actions and Photos

Our theme in 2015 was Racism in the Criminal Justice System

Check out this article about the event in Sojourner’s magazine!


A large group of churches organized a demonstration at the headquarters of Howard S. Wright, a corporate developer that is building a $210,000,000 taxpayer-funded youth jail. Currently, 40% of incarcerated youth in our county are Black even though just 10% of the population is Black. Crimes are not committed are these kinds of rates, demonstrating that racism has become institutionalized into our justice system. So, demonstrators entered the lobby, spoke with management, read scripture, set up a table with money on it and cards expressing demands as well as confessions of complicity in the system, and turned over the table before marching out.


Our theme for 2014 was Divestment from Fossil Fuels and Reninvestment in Clean Energy

Above, the speech on Table Turning Monday and divestment that Rev. John Helmiere gave at the 2014 Seattle area rally.

Rev Helmiere Table Turning Monday Speech at SU (the speech in pdf form that Rev Helmiere wrote for the rally)

Divest and Reinvest Toolkit
Download resources for individual action, small group conversation, and worship resources. Great for Table Turning Monday or for Earth Day!
Resources are courtesy of Valley and Mountain Fellowship, Fossil Free UMC and GreenFaith.


2014 Seattle Area Demonstration

Valley and Mountain Fellowship and other faith communities from the Puget Sound region joined with the student group, Divest SU, in calling for Seattle University and other institutions to divest endowment and pension funds from fossil fuel companies and reinvest in positive alternatives.

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More resources available under the Resources link above. To have your action or resource posted, contact


Our theme in 2011-2013 was economic justice and the foreclosure crisis. We gathered people together to close their accounts at the big banks (accompanied by public demonstrations) and move their money to credit unions and locally accountable banks.

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